Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Hi guys! I live in the great city of Amsterdam, where I've discovered some awesome hotspots over the last two years. I figured out that it would be selfish to keep it for myself, thus I will share my hotspots with my readers! To start off with, COTTONCAKE. This hotspot is located in the neighborhood 'de Pijp' in Amsterdam, which is an neighborhood full of young people and fab hotspots to know. You can visit COTTONCAKE for cappuccinos with perfect froth, for edgy renewing brands and for fine organic food. COTTONCAKE brings this all together in one store. That's why I've visited this store last Sunday for the first time, to detox from Kingsdag ;-). I had an amazing green smoothie and had fresh oven baked granola. My friend Jerry Lee had delicious healthy vegan spring rolls, which were to die for! Overall, a really cool experience for you healthy vegan food or for shopping, or make it a whole shopping/food experience, you would love it!

Photos by Maud Schellekens

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