Friday, November 30, 2012

OUTFIT | Casual Friday

Hi guys, Here a casual Friday outfit post. Hope you are having amazing plans for the weekend, or just take it down a notch and relax a bit! Just like me! I have to finish up and prepare some things for school, so that is going to be about it. Enjoy your Friday night!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

OUTFIT | Leave Me Standing Here

Hi guys, Here a new outfit post from Amsterdam. Gosh, it is chilly today! My mom came over and we did some vintage shopping (unfortunately I didn't find anything that suited me). So better next time! The vintage store where I was fond of is 'Phintage by Helen Yard' (click here for the website). I really nice lady stood in the store with some jazzy music on the background. The price range of the clothing is around 30 to 40 euros. With also outstanding pieces, like a 400 euros Gucci suitcase. For more detailed pictures of my outfit click below. I am going to change my outfit into a sporty outfit. Yes, I am going to run again. Wish me luck!

HOT NEWS | Trailer 'In Vogue: The Editor's Eye'

Morning guys, Here it is! The official trailer of 'In Vogue: The Editor's Eye' is out now! In this documentary (which will be broadcasted on the sixth of December) where several fashion editors will be in the spotlight. Obviously, Anna Wintour will be a part of the party ;-).

This documentary as I already wrote before will be broadcasted on December 6 on HBO (which I don't have here on my dutch telly, %^#$@). But if you want to have an idea of this documentary or just have a sneak peak, click here below for the trailer..

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NEW IN | African Necklace

Hi guys, Here a new post from Amsterdam. Last weekend, I have been home to charge myself up. I was exhausted. Amsterdam is really growing on me. My mom and I decided to go to a cafe in Arnhem where we used to come almost every weekend. It was really nice to be there, have an amazing cappuccino, and the homemade merengue pie, you don't even want to know how that tasted, mmm.. Mouthwatering. Just like this necklace. Of course I could not skip the Zara, and if I go to the Zara, there is no possibility I will walk out the store without a little brown/blue bag. So here is my African inspired necklace. You like it? For more pictures, click below..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

NEW COVER | Doutzen Kroes on Vogue NL's December Issue

Doutzen Kroes on Vogue Netherland's cover photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, already in stores! 

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OUTFIT | Keep Calm and Enjoy Life

Hi guys, Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Well mine is lazy, slept until 1 o'clock (really needed it), and watched some soccer (my favorite club PSV Eindhoven), who unfortunately lost the match.. So the atmosphere here back home with my sixteen-years-old brother is far from 'fun'. 'Keep Calm and Enjoy Life'. Ciao ciao! (for more pictures click below)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

OUTFIT | Disco Inferno

Hi guys, Here a new outfit post WITH my new sequin legging from Maison Martin Margiela x H&M. Do you guys like it? I have got many responses on today's outfit already. An 75-years-old woman loved my -as she sad- 'outstanding pants'. My sixteen-years-old brother was in shock: "What the **** was I thinking?!". Sometimes I like to make a statement, well, you can tell, today I did. Enjoy your Saturday evening, and for more pics of this disco inferno (and for the dutch readers, Gemma Glitter outfit), click below.. ;-)

NEW IN | Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Sequin Legging

Hi guys, Here finally a post again from my old hometown. A few days ago my MMM x H&M purchases arrived. Unfortunately the bracelet I had ordered (man bracelet) was obviously way to big for my wrists. I also ordered a belt, but that one was to small again. But just when I had ordered at H&M, I saw at Song of Style a knitted sweater, which I adore! Click here to check it out. So I decided to exchange the bracelet and the belt for this lovely sweater! So what do you think? Luckily for me I also bought a sequin legging, which I like a lot! Tonight I will post an outfit with me new purchase! Already a little preview of the legging? Click below..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NEW COVER | Anna Hathaway on December Issue Vogue

Actress Anna Hathaway wearing an emerald dress on the December issue of the American Vogue. Photographed by Annie Leibotvitz, styling by Tonne Goodman, Anne shows off her new sheared coif, cut for her role in the upcoming 'Les Misérables' film adaptation. For more pictures of Anna's shoot in the fashion magazine, click below..

Monday, November 19, 2012

OUTFIT | Tweed It

Hi guys, Here an outfit from last night. I went out for dinner with my family and my grandma. She didn't see my house yet, so of course she had to visit. Afterwards we went out for dinner in a really nice restaurant in Amsterdam. Here I'm wearing a Zara tweed dress, from last year, which I can't get enough from. For more pictures, click below!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

OUTFIT | Rawww!

Hi guys, Here an outfit from last Friday. I'm wearing a new H&M trouser, which I recently bought on sale. On top of it, I'm wearing a Zara sweatshirt, which is inspired on Kenzo sweatshirt. I'm totally in love with it, especially because of the affordable price. You gotta love the Zara :-). For more pictures, click below. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

NEW COVER | December Issue Vogue UK

Natalia Vodianova on the December issue of Vogue UK by Mario Testino.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

NEW IN | Ring Mania

Hi guys, Here I've added some awesome new statement rings in my collection. The first two I've bought at H&M, which I wear as a set (similar here). The other three rings, my mom purchased in London for me at Forever21, which I love. Especially the last one, which seems like a Chanel. Click here below to check out the other four rings.

OUTFIT | Back to Black

Hi guys, Hope you're doing all ok! These pictures were made by my mom, while she was visiting me last Thursday. We had an amazing day with some Christmas shopping, OMG, I love this time of the year! Enjoy your Saturday everyone. Click for more pictures here below..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

NEW COLLECTION | Maison Martin Margiela x H&M, on Sale NOW!

Hi guys, Today is the day! Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection is on sale NOW! Check it out here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

OUTFIT | Last Day in Ethiopia

Hi guys, Here I have the last outfit post from you of my trip to Ethiopia. If I look back on the trip, I had an amazing time! And so inspiring as well. But believe me, after being once to Ethiopia, I have seen it. Next year I will go to India with my school, curious how that is going to be. For more pictures of my outfit in the Sheraton garden, click below..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

OUTFIT | Ethiopia Day 6: Loved this Place


Hi guys, OMG, this place was like heaven. Had a real breakfast for the first time since I was in Ethiopia, pancakes with maple syrup, mmm..! Enjoying the sun at the swimming pool was also a task which I had to do obviously. I didn't want to leave this place at all! That day I was wearing a comfy maxi dress from Banana Republic which I've bought already two years ago in London. For more pictures, click below..

Thursday, November 8, 2012

OUTFIT | Ethiopia Day 5: Finally.. Luxury!

Hi guys, Here an outfit post again from last week, snapped in Ethiopia. What a relief! After being without any luxury the last couples of days, the school promised us a night in a nice lodge. And it was REALLY nice!! Finally I could really dress up for dinner, which I have to admit, missed a lot. So here I'm wearing my mom's Marni for H&M dress. For more pictures, click below..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OUTFIT | Ethiopia Day 3: Coffee Plantation

Hi guys, Here a outfit post again from my Ethiopia trip last week. This day we visited a coffee plantation and ate with the farmers who prepared a goat for us. Not one you can buy in the supermarket obviously. Nooooo, the goat's head got chopped of, as a present for us. Well thanks, but I'm gonna pass. But still it was a pretty awesome experience. I was really glad I was wearing my Kiboots, because of all the ant that were around there. For more pictures of my outfit and the coffee plantage, click below..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OUTFIT | Oktober 2012

Hi guys, Here a summary of my last month's outfits. Enjoy!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

OUTFIT | Ethiopia Day 1: Dutch Embassy

Hi guys, Yes I'm still alive! It has been such a while since I posted something. Well I have a good excuse. I went to visit Ethiopia with my university. It was a trip which connects to a project we're on. We work together with a coffee company, Moyee Coffee, which is a whole new concept, a fair chain concept, which try to makes it better for the Ethiopian people to earn money by bringing back the production process to this country in Africa. For this trip, we visited the first day the dutch embassy. Within my look I tried to look kind of representative for this visit, but also comfy to travel through Ethiopia. For more pictures of my outfit and my visit, click here below..