Thursday, January 31, 2013

OUTFIT | Zig Zag

Hi guys, Here a new outfit post, with a new jeans! My mom was so sweet to hand over her Isabel Marant (because it was too big for her, YES!). But I really wanted to wear it with high heels. And finally, the weather let me! I am so enthusiastic! I can not wait til I can wear my new Etoile Isabel Marant Jeans (which I have bought recently, check it out here). I love this brand so much, unfortunately Isabel is not that affordable. But with the Etoile Isabel Marant line she made it more accessible. So lovelies, what do you think? In love as much as I am? (But now when I look at it, my mom is a big taller than I am ;-)).

Josh V Knit (here)
Zara Blouse & Heels (here) & Bag (here)
Etoile Isabel Marant Jeans
Maje Hat (here & here)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OUTFIT | Beanie

Morning guys, here a new outfit post from Amsterdam again. Finally the snow is gone, so I can wear high heels now. And here my new beanie which I have bought last Saturday. I am so happy with it. Stay tuned, because I am afraid that more colors will come ;-).

Asos Leopard Coat
River Island Sweatshirt
Zara Leather Legging & Heels
American Apparel Beanie
Chloe Bag

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OUTFIT | The Other Olsen

Hi guys, Last weekend I had such a busy weekend. Saturday I had a reunion with friends where I alway ski with in Switzerland. We went out for dinner and discovered the night life of Amsterdam. But before that, I did a little bit of shopping in snowy Amsterdam (here), but it was sooo cold and snowing so much, that I quit the shopping. Can you imagine? :-P But snow or not, you have to stay fashionable. That Saturday I was feeling like the other Olsen twin. Wearing a maxi skirt by Zara and my favorite leopard coat by Asos with the finishing touch of the Maje hat. What do you guys think of my, turned out to be, Olsen look?

Asos Leopard Coat
Zara Maxi Skirt & Scarf
Paul Warmer Boots
Maje Hat
Mulberry Bag
De Bijenkorf Gloves

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

NEW IN | Green Beanie

Bonjouuuuur mes amis! Here a new in to my closet item. Yes it is January, and it is depressing as hell. So shopping is the best remedy for that. Not for my credit card unfortunately.. I do not want to know what the end result of this month will be.. But here it is, my long love distance beanie from American Apparel in my closet. I am afraid more will come soon! I adore them! This cutie will be soon on the blog with an outfit post. Stay tuned! Enjoy your Saturday!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

NEW IN | Jeans Mania

Hi guys, Here some new jeans that are belonging to my collection. Last weekend I did a bit of shopping with my mom, and then I've found this lovely jeans from Paige, who was actually with a huge discount! You might have seen it already here. But then I saw that Isabel Marant Etoile lovely, and I could not resist it! I cannot wait un till the temperature let me wear it, because the Marant jeans is a bit shorter as usual. Do you guys like them?

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

OUTFIT | Nothing But Boots

Hi guys, And it is another cold day! I hoped that the snow would already have been gone, I know I am a really bad dutch man because everyone wants to go iceskating, but I want to wear my high heels again! Also because my heating broke, and I am wearing my coat and beanie inside for a already a week. And now finally there is a man repairing it. And that is not it, also a plumber will give a visit. So I am stuck at home today, hope you will enjoy your day!

Topshop Boyfriend Blazer
Zara Shirt
Paige Jeans
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
H&M Ring

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OUTFIT | Hangover

Hi guys, As you may already have seen before (here) I had this weekend my prom from my university. But obviously, you also have the day after.. I did not upload any photos of my face, to spare you it. I went to bed at 7.30 in the morning (!) and already woke up before noon. So you can imagine how I felt. That day it was snowing and the cold was incredible. But as I promised guys, the high heels! I visited Maastricht, and I already heard before that it is impossible to walk there with heels, well you can imagine now with the snow? I was walking around like a grandma with some support of my friend Jerry Lee. 

Asos Leopard Jacket (here & here)
Zara Sweatshirt, Jeans & Scarf
Guess Heels (here)
Maje Hat (herehere &here)
Mulberry Bag (here & here)
H&M Ring

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi guys, Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Well, I did. I had my first prom of the university. It was a crazy night, all the way in Belgium. We had unlimited booze, three course menu, a singer and loads of music. We danced a lot, drank a lot, partied a lot. It was awesome! I went to bed at 7.30, so I guess you know how I am handling this day.. I was wearing something that was inspired on Blake Lively (I later figured out). I was wearing a Topshop dress (which was a bit to tight to, thanks mom) and my favorite Sergio Rossi's. With loads of rings from Forever 21. 

Topshop Sequin Dress
DKNY Faux Fur Jacket
Sergio Rossi Heels
Burberry Clutch
Forever21 Rings

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEW IN | Boyfriend Shirt

I have to admit, I hate sale. I cannot stand that clothes are everywhere, people who are pushing each other to get their item. Naaa, not my thing. But you gotta love the online shopping! I bought this one at the H&M online shop. Only, it was not in the sale though. Stupid of me. Sale makes me buy a lot of things, which I are not even the sale, aha. First, to wear this shirt, I need a black skinny jeans, because the other one got kind of tight. So here, you keep on buying and buying. Well today I won in a lottery for a charity some kind of beauty package, which is awesome! Because I always win those things, so I guess I have to go for the big lottery, win one million, and you will see a lot of nice new purchases. Wow, that is actually a good idea! I am running to the store now! Ciao ciao!

H&M Boyfriend Shirt

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OUTFIT | Promises, Promises

As my grandma always told me: "Never make promises, unless you know for sure that you can keep them.". So here I broke one. I promised you high heels. But I am sorry guys, the combination of snow and heels does not really work out together. So here my comfy shoes again and.. My new leopard coat! What do you think guys? It is actually really warm, that I am wearing it inside now as well. Me, stupid as I am, pressed on a wrong button and turned my heating off while it is minus something outside! Today is supposed to be a lot of snow as well in Amsterdam. But as soon that is over, I will wear my lovely heels again! Enjoy your day!

Asos Leopard Coat (here)
Joie Knit
Drykorn Trousers
De Bijenkorf Hat (here)
The necklace is a souvenir from St. Tropez
Mulberry Bag (here)

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Thirteen Tales of Fashion (Maud) on Pinterest

He he, finally I am there. I made an account on Pinterest. First I did not have any clue what it was, but I figured it out ;-). So follow me because I 'pin' pictures of my outfits, 'Bags I Love' and 'Shoe Wannahave'. Stay tuned! Click HERE to follow me on Pinterest!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

NEW IN | Leopard Coat

Finally I have my precious leopard coat. I wanted to have this for such a while, but it took me ages to find the perfect. And it was on sale! So my credit card agreed that this was 'the' one. I bought this at Asos, go and take a quick look their! There is still sale! OK, but now I am distracted again, back to work, getting myself ready for the International Business Law exam (#@#%$%@/"{#!#^* me). Enjoy your Sunny Sunday!

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OUTFIT | Those Wedge Sneakers, Again?!

Yes, yes guys, I know. I always said that I am a high heels addict. Until.. The wedge sneakers. I think the best invention since the iPhone! For me, as a dutch dwarf, these shoes and I are a couple made in heaven. Getting some extra inches with a sneaker, which looks nice, and walks o so comfortable. But I will promise you to put them back in my closet (autch) and start to wear my high heels again (they feel that they almost have been forgotten). So stay tuned for more outfit posts later on (with high heels)! Enjoy your Sunday!

Topshop Boyfriend Blazer (here)
Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Sequin Legging (herehere)
March23 Wedge Sneakers (here & here)
Stella McCartney Bag (here)
Maje Hat (here & here)
Massimo Dutti Scarf (here)
H&M Rings (here)

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