Thursday, June 28, 2012

HOT NEWS | Sale at Zara

Ok, there couldn't be a better combination then this. The sun is finally shining, the temperature is rising and there's SALE! My favorite affordable brand, Zara, started his sale last night exactly at 00.00 o'clock. But if you're like me, and you're not really into the survival tour (sale shopping in the Zara) that the store has to offer, where you'll need a lot of patience, self-confidence and your elbows, we embrace Zara's online shop! So go and get your credit card before everything is sold out!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HOT NEWS | JPG's Third Coca Cola Light Bottle on Sale!

Maybe you've got the other two already in the fridge (or being a piece of art in your bedroom -like me- ). But now, finally, after waiting for quit a while, the long-awaited third design of Jean Paul Gaultier's Coca Cola Light bottle is on sale! The bottle is printed with a tattoo print and connects perfectly with the two previous two copies. This has a dashes print and a corset with points, which characterizes Jean Paul Gaultier as a brand.

The bottle on the right.

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OUTFIT | Greenest Gras

Zara Trench
Vintage (bought it in Paris) Dress
Seven for all Mankind Heels
Zara Studded Belt
Ray-Ban Sunnies
Marni for H&M Earrings 
Mulberry Bag

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OUTFIT | Tropical

Josh V Blazer
Zara t-shirt
Zara Pants
Zara Heels
H&M Belt
Ray-Ban Sunnies
Mulberry Bag
Vintage Necklace

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

OUTFIT | Zebra

Zara Blazer
Zara Heels
Marni for H&M Earrings
Ray-Ban Sunnies
Stella McCartney Bag
Mode Musthaves Bracelet

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OUTFIT | Hallelujah Stella!

River Island Jumper
Zara Jean
H&M Sunnies
Stella McCartney Bag
March23 Sneaker Wedges
Mode Musthaves Bracelet

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NEW MUSTHAVE | Zara Lookbook June

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


From left to right:
1. My new funny parrots pants from the Zara, totally in love!
2. OK mom, you should stop buying all those delicious cakes. How am I supposed to NOT eat it?
3. I'm still so into my Marni for H&M earrings and necklace. Oo, and my maxidress of course ;-).
4. Haha, me in the D&G store in Amsterdam. Willy Wonka, my pleasure!
5. Nyenrode New Business School (my future university) asked me to shoot an advertisment for the school. This is the result, you guys like it?
6. Waaaaah finally! I saved money, and bought this for my 18th birthday. My new Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. Isn't she a beauty?
7. Haa, isn't it supposed to be sunny and warm? I mean, it's June! So guys, above there, do something!
8. So unfortunately, I need my rain boots in June (!). But not just some random boots, no my lovely Hunters!
9. How awesome is this note? I saw it hanging in the Paul Smith store in Amsterdam. Of course I had to take a picture of it ;-).

PS Guys, you wanna follow me on Instagram, that I can keep you posted everyday? My username is: 'maudcns'.

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5X | My Bag Collection

I have a huuuuuge accessories addiction. Necklaces, shoes, you name it! But my worst addiction is designer bags. I don't know what it is, but believe me, when I was a kid, I told my mom: "Mom, when I'm sixteen-years-old, I'll have my first designer bag and it's gonna be the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.". And you'll never guess, just before my sixteenth birthday I actually bought it! I remember the face of the man who helped me out in the Louis Vuitton Store: "So you'll turn sixteen next week? And you'll get this as a birthday present from your parents? That's so generous of them.". "No sir, I worked six months for this bag in a supermarket.". When I told him this, he thought I was joking and was waiting for the moment that I'd start roaring with laughter. But it didn't happen, because I was serious as hell. I always dreamed that I'd have a collection of bags that only fits in a closet like Carrie in the Sex and the City movie. But I also wanted to buy it by myself, work for it. So that the bag would be 100% mine! And the moment you buy your 'temporally love of your life' feels so good, because you know that you dropped those pasta sauces and broke your nails for something so beautiful! It was totally worth it! 
And then I was lost and couldn't be saved, because the Bayswater from Mulberry was also for years on my list. I worked also six months for that bag in a menswear store. Bags our for me like a photo would be for someone else. I know exactly when I bought it, what the reason was, and what I did to collect the money. My third back was the Ukita bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Why this one? I used to stay in the Boston, USA, for three months. I wanted a bag that was some kind of 'photo' for me that reminds me of that time. And of course, Marc Jacobs is an American designer. 
But then my parents asked me: "What do you want for your 18th birthday?". It took me one second. Of course my answer was a new bag. So while I was for as well three months in Paris, I wanted to pick a timeless and classic but 'eightteen-years-old girl proof' bag, from a French brand. And there was my Elsie from Chloé. But I also kind of wanted to spoil myself with a bag, so there was Stella. 
The next one on my list? The Giant City Tote from Balenciaga probably. But ok, now I have to take a break from this madness. Well, I'll try..

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OUTFIT | May 2012

Here a summary of my outfits from this month, enjoy!

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