Saturday, July 12, 2014

OUTFIT | Mykonos #1

WOW. I was in shock today when I took a look at the last time I've posted something on TTOF. It has been two weeks! I think this has never happened to me before. I have been so busy that I did not even notice that time was flying so fast. So here I am again, writing this blogpost from one of my favorite places in the world; Mykonos. As you may remember I visited this fabulous island last year too. We fell in love so badly with the whole atmosphere, my parents and I (and this time including my little brother too) decided to go again! So here is my latest outfit post (which I shot in Tuesday I have to admit). I needed my rest a lot, that's why I figured out that my laptop and I should be apart for a couple of days. But I'm back again! With a new fab summer outfit wearing the best espadrilles on this earth! These days there will follow up some cool outfit posts (I shot at some great places) including hotspots from Mykonos. So stay tuned! I'm heading to the beach now, ciao ciao!

Topshop Tee / Denim & Supply Shorts / Zara Bonjour Bag / Ray Ban Sunglasses / Melanie Auld Necklace via Moi Estelle / Asos Love Anklet

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