Friday, November 7, 2014

SHOPPING | Alexander Wang x H&M

Hi guys! Here a shot from yesterday morning, when I walked away from the H&M store in Arnhem with this huuuuuge Alexander Wang x H&M bag filled with some fab new stuff! It was a great early morning when my rookie and I decided to pay a visit to the H&M store. However, we've figured out that Amsterdam would be dramatically busy, thus we went to east, Arnhem where we arrived at 7.45 AM. First, I was scared that the shopping spree would be about running, screaming, pushing and whatsoever. However H&M came up with the great idea, to divide the first people in line in groups of ten with colored bracelets. Thus you had to change to go shopping for ten minutes in peace and than you were guided to the fitting room to try out your picks. I thought it was a fabulous shopping experience, because I belonged to group 2, thus I could started shopping already at 9.15 AM. I cannot wait to shoot and show you my new picks in outfit posts! 
However, I was also wondering what you thought of this collection? And.. DID YOU SHOP? And how? Please share :) Enjoy your weekend! 

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