Monday, October 28, 2013

OUTFIT | Tartan

Hi peeps, Ready for Monday? First of all I want to start off with my apologies. I did not post that must of outfits or whatsoever. However, I was attending the campus that my university is a part off (yes, fashion bloggers do have brains ;-)). So finally when I got back, I had to show off my tartan shorts which I've bought at the Zara in Amsterdam just after the re-opening. However, I did not figure out wearing it yet. You have probably spotted the tartan trend on many fellow fashion bloggers or others. I loved this trend for already many years. I remember when I was still in high school, when I was fourteen-years-old (five years ago) that I had a tartan legging. I will never forget the faces and gossiping about this legging. "How can she wear this?", "Is she Scottish or what?", "Are those not even real trousers?". I noticed when I was still in high school (at least where I was from) that it was weird when you would wear something like that or whatsoever. Luckily through social media, bloggers and many more new things you see a bigger diversities of styles and guys/girls who dare to wear items which maybe an other person wouldn't dare. That is why I want to tell my dear (younger) readers that you should not follow the other its opinion, but yours. It is your body, you want to feel comfortable and YOU in the clothes YOU wear. As Rachel Zoe would say: "Style is a Way to Say Who You Are Without Having to Speak.".

Lovestoned Vest / Zara Shorts & Studded Moccasins / Jerome Dreyfuss Leopard Bag / Ray Ban Sunnies 

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  1. Wat een toffe outfit. Ik wil je vestje ;)
    With love,


    n e w b l o g |

  2. super, wow!!!!

  3. love this look, the jacket is fab

  4. Phenomenal bag hun! It's definitely on the top of my wishlist :)

    xx Lindsey | Complacency Kills

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  6. nice look,love the bag :)

  7. it's funny isn't it, how at different stages in life things suddenly become acceptable? Anyway, love the outfit x

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