Friday, August 23, 2013

OUTFIT | Blue Friday

Hi folks, I am back! Back in Holland forcing myself to wear shorts while it is getting to chilly for it. I am in denial, but the summer holiday is over for me. After Greece, Italy and Spain I am back at my parents' place with my suitcase still unpacked. Are you facing some denial to? At the other hand, I am looking forward to check out Amsterdam again and meet up and do a lot of talking with friends. And more outfit posts guys, I promise. I am not that much secure to show my bikini body to you guys (that's where I spent the last weeks in). I am so ready for fall/winter to come with a lot of new trends and looks coming up. Stay tuned for tomorrow's outfit, which gives a limb on what I am planning to wear in the new season.     

Zara Shirt / Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Shorts / Sandro Loafers

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