Monday, July 29, 2013

MUSTHAVE | Summer Key Piece

Summer, one of the most loved and hated season of the year. I admit, it is a difficult season. You have to ask yourself the questions: “What do we wear and what do we not wear?”. Due the high temperatures and hot destinations it is more difficult to find something that is comfy, as well as fabulous. In fall/winter you just put layer on layer, eventually it is easier to come up with a great outfit due accessories like hats and scarves and fabulous jacket to finish up your look. The big question is, what is the summer key piece? What piece of clothing do you need to have in your closet that suits almost every posture, height, weight or whatsoever? Harem pants. Maybe it is not the first thing that comes up in your mind, however, think it through. If you go to your summer destination, you need to travel. I travel a lot through out the year, and figured out what is a must go or no-go. Harem pants are comfy, though stylish and you can combine it on your flight or whatsoever with a lot of things. If you are flying I recommend you to wear shoes that are easy to put on and off, and where you can wear socks in it (because now they ask you nine out of ten to take off your shoes). When you arrive at your destination take off your shoes, put on your sandals and you are ready to go. Eventually at night you want to dress up for dinner and go out. Just change your top and put on some heels and you are ready to go for the night. No guys who try to sneak peek under your skirt or dress, and you can dress freely until the morning will come. Where you can get these harem pants? Click here! Do you also have difficulties with packing your suitcase? I am almost all the time facing difficulties due the overweight of my suitcase. A great thing about the harem pants is that you can create many looks with one piece of harem pants. Do I consider it as the new Little Black Dress? Maybe yes, maybe no. Try it out yourself and you will figure it out ;-)

PS Enthusiastic about the harem pants? Take a look at Stylight, here you will find a wide range of harem pants from different online shops collected on one website.  And another good thing, most of them are on sale!

My personal favorites available here on Stylight!

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  1. #1 on the left is awesome!

  2. I love the first pair, what a great relaxed fit :)


  3. We love the second ones, this pants are just perfect for summer time

    Adri, Joha & Nat

  4. I really like the first pair!
    Great blog, so I'm a New follower on bloglovin =)

  5. love all these!! i'm such a sucker for different styled trousers!

  6. I love trousers :) these look really good.

  7. cool pants