Sunday, August 5, 2012

NEW MUSTHAVE | Cruciani Bracelet

After spending almost one month in Italy with my friend Eleonora (yes, 100% Italian in the backbone) I found a trend that I as fashionlover couldn't induldge. Cruciani Bracelets are HOT! From Rome to Milano, from the top till the heel of the boot, they are everywhere. The simplicity makes the bracelet, which are available in loads of colors. Also in different shapes, for example with hearts.

Cruciani was created in 1992 by the Italian Luca Caprai. The mom of my Eleonora told me, that the factory of mr. Caprai got almost declared bankrupt. His had to devise a solution to make sure the factory remained. And there was the bracelet!
You're that much excited about the bracelets as me? Nowadays you can buy the bracelets all over the world, with shops in Milan, Forte dei Marmi, Courmayeur, Dubai and Tokyo. Cruciani has also a department store in Bergdorf and Goodman in New York!
I have one on my wrist in fuchsia pink, which make me want to have more!
For more information go to the website

the Bracelets

Also celebs got spotted with the Cruciani bracelets! Here Dita Von Teese with a red one.

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