Monday, May 19, 2014

OUTFIT | Summer Shoe

Hi guys! Did you all enjoy your sunny weekend? Despite the fact that I'm locked in my university for  a whole week, I enjoyed the good weather too the max (kind of). I went to visit one of my fav hotspots in Amsterdam for a nice breakfast (stay tuned for tomorrow's post). And I had given together with my roomie a housewarming celebrating our birthdays and new home. I had a lot of last minute things to arrange with her, so a comfy outfit was a must. I couldn't wait for espadrilles weather. Since last year, I totally fell in love with espadrilles. So comfy and summer proof at the same time! What is your favorite summer shoe? Let me know! 

Supertrash (via Noah) Tuxedo Vest / Primark Sweatshirt / Etoile Isabel Marant Striped Jeans / H&M Metallic Espadrilles / Ray Ban Sunnies / Mulberry Bag

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