Tuesday, May 20, 2014

HOTSPOT | Yoghurt Barn

"Quality begins with passion. Passion for nature, good food and enjoyment. Passion for the pure. That's how Yoghurt Barn began."It's the latest trend from New York City. Natural yoghurt, however, extremely dutch. You can put together your own yoghurt, choose one of their many chefs' specials or enjoy a frozen yoghurt. Just like coffee is yoghurt a typical dutch product, which normally will be enjoyed at home. Coffee developed itself it's way out of the house, while yoghurt still has been eaten at home. As a meal, snack or desert. Yoghurt Barn is the first one to take the yoghurt out of the house. It is located in Amsterdam and Utrecht. However, I only got the chance to visit the Yoghurt Barn in Amsterdam, which is located in de Pijp area, where you can enjoy your yoghurt around the corner of the famous street market Albert Cuyp. Make sure you check it out and get my favorite special with cookies, kiwi and cinnamon!

Photos by Maud Schellekens

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