Saturday, February 16, 2013

OUTFIT | Kiss From a Rose

Hi guys, Here an outfit post from last Thursday. The famous Valentine's Day. Well, I do not like that day at all. It is so commercial, like you have to force to do something with your love or give a person something. But is that what we really want? No we like the Valentine's discount on perfumes and other things that will eventually wrapped up in red/pink paper. However, if you have that love of your life, you do not want that he or she has to do something because it is supposed to be on that day. You want that person surprises you, even on the saddest days of the year. Those are the moments! A weekend away in Paris is way more fun when there is sun and you can walk in whatever you like at that moment, than surviving the harsh snow and incredible wind. Yes yes, no extra love for me on Valentine's Day. My only fun on this over-romantic day is to prank people with postcards or roses from 'anonymous' (yes it was me little bro ;-)). And buying another perfume bottle of my favorite YSL scent, 'Manifesto' :-). Enjoy your weekend dear readers!

Vintage Episode Fur / H&M Trousers / Zara Tiger Sweatshirt & Heels / Mulberry Bag / Marni for H&M Necklace / Vintage Sequin Hat

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  1. Nice outfit! Love the pictures!!


  2. you must have been freezing! Love your pants and the jacket though :)

  3. Cute look, hat is perfect :)

  4. You have a point here about the commercialization of valentines day! Love the way you are holding the rose so droopy and irreverently!!!! To make your point!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme