Sunday, February 3, 2013

OUTFIT | Knocked Out

Halloha everyone, How is your weekend going so far? Well, after a busy week, I am back home at my parents' place to charge myself again. I am a person who wants to have something on his hands 24/7. I want to see people 24/7, do things 24/7. But sometimes my mom tells me to take it down a notch. Well there is this weekend for. Yesterday I went to my favorite cafe in Arnhem, Babo Cafe, where they have the best cappuccinos, and their home made pies are to die for! Yesterday I was not so in the mood to 'shine' in front of the camera, so this is a picture which was taken Thursday already, but I did not post it yet. It took ages to have a good shoot, because of the wind my hair turned into positions that it was not supposed to be :-P. Do you guys like my outfit? Love all your comments and thoughts! Enjoy your lazy Sunday!
Massimo Dutti Leather Jacket
Urban Outfitters Tee
Drykorn Boyfriend Jeans
Zara Heels
Stella McCartney Bag

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