Friday, March 8, 2013

OUTFIT | Fringe

Hi guys, Here a new outfit post from Amsterdam. Finally, I thought it was getting Spring. I was already getting in the spring mood and wanted to put my fur coats far away somewhere in the back of my closet. But now, the weatherman predicted that there will be snow on Sunday, again! Thought we all finished this !@#! up, but unfortunately. So say yes to the beanies and fur coats. And goodbye again to my dearest heels. Next weekend I will be in Barcelona visiting a good friend of mine, hopefully I can wear some spring items than. PS What do you guys think btw of this army jacket from Episode and this fringe jacket from H&M. Bought this in Paris as well!

Vintage Army Jacket / H&M Fringe Jacket / Zara Shirt & Flats / Mulberry Bag / American Apparel Beanie

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  1. Love the fringe jacket! <3
    I am so done with the snow btw, time for sunshine it is! ;)


  2. I know, it's supposed to snow here too!! Enough is enough I say... But cool outfit, I really like your camo jacket, honey. AND your beanie, of course.;) Have a fun weekend!

  3. I love the army jacket and your pink beanie! Haha! I know you’re looking forward to spring to come, but I guess you still have time to enjoy those outwear. You’ve got very nice fashion sense, Maud. I guess I’ll continually follow your blog to watch out for more of your fashion tips. :)

    [ Joel Salmon ]

  4. Wauw, wat een ge-wel-dige outfit zeg! Ik vind je jasje en schoenen heel tof :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  5. I like this ouftit and I also like Amsterdam!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow us ?

    Hope to see you soon on it!

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  6. Very very nice!!!!

  7. Amazing post! Love your style

    Would you like follow each other? Let me know =)