Tuesday, December 18, 2012


1. My new Galaxy legging which I have bought on Mode Musthaves (for more details, click here)
2. My classmate Lucas Wouters spinning the records at club Air in Amsterdam, keep an eye on him!
3. What was happening at my parents' hometown? A real nativity which included even a camel!
4. Hmm, at my last evening at my parents' place, we went out for dinner. l'Escargots, je l'aime..
5. One of my favorite quotes, DVF's Fear is Not an Option.
6. Last Sunday's outfit, check it out here.
7. The Christmas tree at my parents' place. We actually already celebrated Christmas, stay tuned for tomorrow's new post about my Christmas presents!!
8. My best friend Merel returned last week from studying three months abroad. We picked her up at Schiphol Airport. We've missed you!
9. A poster that I got from a really good friend of mine, a picture out of Karl Lagerfeld's Little Black Jacket exposition. As see you told me, a MUST SEE!

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  1. Really nice instagram pictures !!