Friday, January 3, 2014

OUTFIT | What to Expect in 2014?

Hi guys, Are you already recovered from NYE? It is already the third of January and I didn't even think through my list about what I have to do, achieve, or whatsoever for 2014. Looking back on 2013 I had a lot of things going good on my path. I achieved to get all my grades for the first year of my uni, I started photo blogging at, working for and traveled a lot! Things I would like to happen this year? Well, I hope my blog will grow every day. I hope that will keep on growing like it does now, that I will keep on writing cool articles for Kind of the same right? Nothing exciting so far. Well, I will move soon to an apartment with one of my best friends. Ow yes, and I have still a membership running at the gym and pink boxing gloves laying somewhere in the back of my closet (and I did not even use them, whoops) so I guess I have to do something about that. However, I am a person who lives from day to day and will see what will cross my path. What are your super plans for this year? Please share it with me! 

 IQ Berlin Parka / Vintage Harley Davidson Sweatshirt / Uterque Leather Legging / Ray Ban Sunnies / Ugg Australia Shoes 


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  1. great color of parka, last pic is my fave!

  2. Wat een super gave sweatshirt! Heel leuk :)

  3. nice jacket, love it!
    new look!

  4. How darling is that Harley sweater? I absolutely love the fringe!