Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OUTFIT | Birthday Girl

Dear readers, Today is the day, it is my birthday! 19 it is! As they say, time flies when you are having fun. And I am in life. In my family we always say: "When you can throw a party, you throw a party". So today I will have a small party for my friends in Amsterdam. On the 25th of May I will throw a big party with a good friend for our ski group, family and friends. Today my mom will come as well, and we will have a high tea at the Grand Hotel in Amsterdam. In addition I can choose my present, a Hermes bracelet. Unfortunately I have to wait until Friday when I can open it, because my dad wants to be there as well ;-). Are you the same as me, and fond of birthdays? Or do you not care about it that much? And how about your parties, do you throw them every year? I am really curious about what you do on you one and only day in the year. Let me know! OK, now comes the hardest part, choose an outfit. When it is my birthday out of the sudden I do not have anything in my closet to wear :-P.

 Josh V Blazer / Topshop Tee / Kookai Trousers / Nike Sneakers / Zara Necklace / Mulberry Bag

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  1. LOVE your necklace and that INCREDIBLE Mulberry bag!! WOW xxxx


  2. In love with your running shoes!
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  3. I'm a little late but well... Happy birthday!
    I use to spend the day of my birthday in places I like with my closest friends, last year in Milan and this year for my 20th birthday I'll be in Paris for 5 days, can't wait!! ;)


  4. Hello Maud, I love your pants with tennis shoes, so cool! I'm posting from Switzerland (I started few months ago so)on http://haniehrossel.blogspot.ch/