Wednesday, April 10, 2013

REAL VS FAKE | Valentino vs Mango

Hi guys, Here a came up with a new idea of a certain blogpost. Nowadays you see that a Zara, H&M or Mango in this case, are copying other brands. It works, especially in time of this current financial crisis.  However, it is still copying. And I do not say I do not agree with it, because I am a passionated Zara lover myself. But with this post I want found out by hearing your opinion, if you it is worth the money to buy to real one, or buy the 'fake' one. It is not fake, as I told you before, but a copy of it. In this case, I was looking around on Mango's website I found this bracelet, who looked to me exactly like the one of Valentino. The Valentino one is 180 euros (check it out here). You can already have the Mango one for only 9,99 euros (here). However, what would YOU pick? Is it worth the money? Let me know!

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  1. quality is very obvious but why not if it's that much cheaper?!


  2. Mango bracelet is a great solution!

  3. In case we can't afford a Valentino bracelet, the mango will do! They look great!


  4. Well for 180 euros I'll probably buy the 'original' one, anyway I'm a lover too of Zara and Mango so usually I buy what I like the most!