Sunday, April 7, 2013

NEW IN | Zara Again

Hi guys! Here are some new items that I have bought at Zara. You probably may already have noticed that I have a serious Zara addiction. Every time I walk in their, it feels like I am in heaven. (Almost) everything I adore, you are always 100% up to date with all the trends for an affordable price. Sometimes I tell my dad that he should have been the owner of Inditex. I would rather have my closet filled with (almost) every piece Zara has in its collection than some designer pieces. What would you prefer? 

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  1. nice pants! :*

  2. Haha, couldn't agree more. ;-) Ik heb ook het idee dat de collecties van Zara steeds beter worden! (en dus gevaarlijker voor mijn portemonnee haha)

    X Savannah -

  3. I'm totally with you! I kinda love everything in Zara!!!