Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OUTFIT | Ready for the Weekend

Hi guys, Hope you are doing all ok! What do you guys think about my new fur jacket. I have bought it vintage, so it is recycling at its most basic form ;-) Now these days I am studying and finish up assignments, so I am glad when it is weekend. It is my little brother's birthday Saturday. He will turn 17 already! But what should I buy for him? I am so not good in choosing presents, especially for guys, So if you have any suggestions, they are welcome ;-) Enjoy your day!
Vintage Fur Coat / Maison Scotch Knit / Zara Jeans / March23 Wedge Sneakers (here) / Chloe Bag / American Apparel Beanie (here) / Isabel Marant Earrings

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  1. That coat is beautiful! Your green hat also really pops out, contrasting with the browns of your coat. Looks really pretty!

  2. Nice pants and beanie!

    LOVE BO,