Thursday, July 18, 2013

MUSTHAVE | Birkenstocks Are Back

Pictures: Pinterest / The Fashion Guitar / AfterDRK / Red Reiding Hood

Birkenstocks. They are back. From my point of view, you love them or hate them. You can compare this to for example Ugg's and Crocs. Well, let me say I think these our one of the things that are in my top 10 of worst trends so far. I know I said before that I would never wear sport shoes like Nike or whatsoever in daily life, or white nail polish on my nails. However, time has changed and you actually have nice Nike's that you can actually wear in day life. And yes, I was used to people who wore white nail polish who has a certain kind of look/attitude. And when I saw the Nike's and white nail polish on a lot of blogs, I started to like it. So I tried to give the Birkenstock's their fair shot. But unfortunately I tried to look up as many fashion bloggers, celebs or others wearing Birkenstocks in a fashionable way. Sorry to say so, but even my fashion icons, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, did not convince me. So, I think I will let this trend walk by. However, I am really interested in your opinion! Are you following this trend, or would love to. Or are you thinking about the same by letting these healthy slip-ons for what it is.. Let me know!

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  1. I approve the Gizeh version in certain colors for certain looks but all in all I am not a fan either. But I do wonder if they will grow on me at some point.

  2. great post!

  3. The first (and only) time I liked Birkenstocks was on Serena from AfterDRK, but well I'm not a Birks fan and I think I'll never be!

  4. I have never been a huge fan but when Elle and Tash from They All Hate Us wore them, they made them look ridiculously cool!