Tuesday, December 4, 2012


1. An old picture from last holiday on Time Square in New York, miss it!
2. Wow, I'm even impressed by myself. How organized are my accessories? :-)
3. Finally, did some running, already a good start for 2013.
4. WOOOOOW, was my first reaction. That person's gotta love fur.
5. My last outfit in the south of Holland, while I was shoe shopping (here)
6. Had a lazy Saturday with loads of sushi and Ben & Jerry's with my friend Femke, loved it!
7. Can't take my new heels off, I'm so in love! (click here)
8. Finally, it was snowing yesterday in Amsterdam! Love the snowflakes in my hair!
9. And of course, there is no Christmas without a Christmas three! So happy to have officilally my first own tree. But can you imagine seeing me walking like this through Amsterdam? :-P

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