Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NEW MUSTHAVE | Stella McCartney's First Perfume

A few weeks ago, my mom bought Stella McCartney's first perfume called L.I.L.Y. She also got one for herself because she got so enthusiastic. The perfume is light and really femine. When I just kept on smelling the perfume, my mom told me to read the Oktober Issue of the dutch Vogue...

She told me there was apparently a story behind the perfume and that was substituted in the article. So of course, I had to read it. What's in the article? Well, as maybe most of you know, Stella's mom died at a young age of breast cancer. But when she was still alive, Paul (McCartney, Stella's dad) called her mom Linda L.I.L.Y, which stands for Linda I Love You. How romantic is that! Also Paul got a nickname like that, just like Stella. P.I.L.Y and S.I.L.Y. Well, you can call me M.I.L.Y from now on, although that sounds less sweet than L.I.L.Y. But for whatever it counts, I can totally recommend this delicious perfume with this background story. Hope more of these will come..

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