Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NEW COVER | Lady GaGa for September Issue Vogue

Yes, finally! After waiting, what for me seems like a century, the new Vogue cover with Lady GaGa on it, got revealed! What makes this September Issue of Vogue USA more special, apart that it's the big issue of the year, is that it's a anniversairy issue. Happy birthday Vogue, thank you for all the 120 years of style!

Extrovert singer, style icon and mother monster has the honor to flaunt on the cover with a outstanding pink evening dress, where I still don't know the designer of (shame on me!). Here above you'll also see three pictures of Lady GaGa in the number one fashion magazine. As you can see with a lot of fur wrapped around her body or on her head. I can see Anna Wintour's input in the styling.

Here above a video that I've found on the website of Vogue. It's a behind the scenes video from the shoot. Totally worth it to take a look at it. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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