Thursday, August 23, 2012

NAIL POLISH OF THE WEEK | Chanel Particuliére

This is the one where it all started. This is the one when I got addicted to Chanel nail polishes. My mom curses that day that I bought this one. 505 Particuliére. I remember, I think it was one year ago, their was a waiting list for this nail polish. Try to explain that to your 81-years-old grandma. "A waiting list for a chemical color to put on your nails?!". So what did I do? I went to two different stores, to put me on the waiting list, to make sure I'll get one. And than at ordinary day I've got two phone calls. I've got them both. Does it sounds pathetic to you that I could jump two meters because I was so happy I've got them. The best thing about this color that you can combine it with everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything! Black, white, grey, pink, green, you name it! I started to use 505 so much, that two weren't enough! Now, one year later I busy using the fourth of Particuliére. Thank you Karl, or whoever created this color, I love you! 

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