Tuesday, August 7, 2012


From the left to the right:
1. Mmm.. A good start in Milano. Had an amazing dinner at Nobu.
2. Afterwards, me as a chocolate freak, this Armani chocolate is a must. And it was so good!
3. Me and my friend Eleonora in Milan. Shopping of course ;-).

4. At Excelsior in Milan, where you can find the most beautiful clothes and most exceptional and expensive supermarket I've ever seen. A must see when you're visiting Milan!
5. At Lake d'Orta, so nice!
6. And we're for a few days in Rome at a friend's place, Benedetta. Rome, what a city!
7. Like real tourists, he three of us in front of Piazza di Spagna.
8. How awesome, at restaurant Dolce in Rome you can make your own tiramisu!
9. And here the wine list, how cool is that?
10. The nightlife in Rome, 
11. Thinking about cutting my hair. But I'm so scared, haha!
12. THE Cruciani Bracelets where I already talked about. A memory of Rome.
13. The weather was so good on Lake d'Orta, that we went on the boat. I really enjoyed this weird donut thing, ahumm.. ;-)
14. While I enjoyed my holiday in Italy, I found this picture on 9Gag, and it made my holiday even better :-P.
15. Is this a picture from last Christmas holiday? Nope, I went skiing in my summer holiday, how cool is that!

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