Sunday, August 19, 2012

COPYCAT | Isabel Marant

One of my favorite brands of this moment, Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant is the cool girl's go-for the Parisian insouciance. Effortlessly hip with a touch of bohemian chic. You can find all the celebrities and fashion bloggers in at least one item in their closet. Which probably contains this season's tie-dye jeans, the number tee and - if you made it through the waiting list - the wedge sneakers.
But unfortunately, not everyone (for example, poor students like me :-() can afford to walk in *je ne croix pas* look à la Isabel Marant. So I made a copycat for you that would be perfect for this weekend. Because if you're from Holland, we're going to have a HOT weekend. FINALLY! And there's sale on the look-a-like heels and the bracelet! It couldn't have been better, could it? :-)

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