Thursday, July 12, 2012


From the left to the right:
2. Frozen Yoghurt at Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales, delicious!
3. The first shopping bag from Bloomingdales!
4. Jet lag! So hungry! Great breakfast at the London Hotel, where I was staying. 
5. Shoe madness at Saks! I've bought an amazing pair of Gucci's, with 70% off! :-)
6. Heaven is right here. A four floors Topshop, coudn't be a better start in the Big Apple!
7. Dunkin' Donuts, that's one of the reasons I got fat while I was in Boston for three months, haha!
8. Florence and me after dinner. And yes, I'm wearing 13,5 cm heels in this picture.. :-P
9. Mmm.. We ate a lot back in New York. Here some delicious sushi at Nobu, my favorite sushi restaurant.
10. This is just a chocolate chip cookie, but it looks so fancy! I had to take a break after the shoe madness in Saks ;-).
11. Four suitcases which belongs to four shopping queens. 
12. Of course, free wifi and a soya latte, the best combination in New York at Starbucks.

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