Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NEW MUSTHAVE | New Balance Sneakers

This summer I'll go to a city well known as 'the Big Apple' or 'the City that never Sleeps'. Obviously I'm talking about NEW YOOORK CITY!! I can't wait! I was there last November with some friend for the weekend (because I lived in Boston for three months, and New York is for the Bostonians 'around the corner'). But now I'm going again with my best friends from Belgium and our two moms. Our moms told us: "Where gonna walk a lot, we mean a lot. So you should bring your running shoes.". - WHAT?! - If you would know how my running shoes look like you would totally understand why I don't wanna wear them in NYC. But, I find an alternative, that's actually really fashionable! New Balance Sneakers (which we're actually founded in Boston :-)). A lot of fashionista's were already spotted with this it-item. And I really tried to order it on several websites, but they're all sold out! So that says something about how popular they are. I'll keep you posted if I finally bought them and actually walked with them in New York!
This is my favorite, so far:

New Balance U420 Lifestyle 70's

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