Thursday, May 17, 2012


From left to right:
1. Lunch at Bijenkorf Amsterdam while reading the Britisch Vogue.
2. Balloons because I turned 18 last Monday (YES FINALLYYY)
3. My new bag I've got for my birthday. It stood for one month in my room, waiting for me to unpack it!
4. Love this awesome Jean Paul Gaultier Coca Cola Light bottle. A waste to drink it, right?!
5. Before I entered the kitchen: "Hurrah! 18... Finally full grown!!" Thanks mom ;-).
6. My neon earring that I bought at H&M two weeks ago, love it!
7. My Isabel Marant look-a-like jumper from River Island :-).
8. Eighteen peonies I've got, because of my 18 years. My favorites!

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