Tuesday, December 24, 2013

MUSTHAVE | 'No Shit' Beanie

Hi guys, How is your Christmas break so far? I am enjoying Switzerland to the max. And yes, there will be a white Christmas for me! However, I have to switch over to a more serious subject. For my dutch readers, you may have noticed that Serious Request has started again this year. This year they dray attention to children who die by the effects of diarrhea with their 'Let's Clean this Shit Up' campaign. The dutch brand CoolCat supports Serious Request by selling this specially designed 'No Shit' beanie. If you buy one, the whole proceeds will go to Serious Reuqest. The goal is to raise 19.000 euros. Are you willing to help?

How? Well that is very simple. You can buy the beanie online here for only 12,95 euros. As mentioned before, the whole proceeds will go to Serious Request. 

For me it was easy to say yes and participate in this great initiative. What it is your answer?

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